Ready to work with me 1:1 and get deep in your business to help it scale to the next level?


Spend the next 12 months with me focused on growth, energy, alignment, goal setting, and an exact plan to follow so you can hit new levels in 2022.


What is the High Vibe Boutique Mastermind?

The premier consulting program for Boutique Owners who are ready to scale their business beyond six and seven figures. 

Assessing & Understanding Your Business

We'll start with a full business assessment, diving deep into your numbers from the previous 12 months to create a full open-to-buy plan for the next 12 months. I want to set you up with inventory management and cash flow plan that makes sense and makes money. I'll look at your marketing, social media, and any paid advertising you've done to make sure it's on brand and helping you attract more customers.


Embracing Your CEO Mindset

I have found that SO many boutique owners miss their opportunity to truly grow and scale because their mindset isn't set up for that kind of success. It's easy to stay comfortable making the money you are making now, but what if some belief clearing and shifts to your daily routine could mean that you break through that next income plateau? 
I'm going to challenge you to go to a new level of mindset work so that you start seeing the results you've only dreamed of.


Planning to Scale

Every person who opens a boutique has different goals. Scaling for you could mean another brick and mortar location, adding an online store or it could simply mean doubling the sales in the location you already are in operation. We'll work together to see the opportunities for you to scale your boutique business, whether it's adding paid advertising, working with influencers or yes, opening another location!



Create Advertising that Makes You Money

Let's get you ready for the best year you've ever had. We'll look at your organic social media and combine it with new paid social media advertising that makes you money. I LOVE creating ads that feel right for you and your boutique... oh, and that make money!!!





From Erin C, 3 Willows Boutique:

”We invest in personal trainers and gym memberships for our health, we invest in accountants to do our taxes, multimillion-dollar companies invest in consultants to better their marketing strategies... so why wouldn't you invest in YOUR biz to make it the best it can be!



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What's Included in the High Vibe Boutique Mastermind:

I'm interested - now what?

1. Apply!

Fill out the application below and make sure that you give as much information as possible. 

2. Set Up a Call with Emily!

My team will email you the times to talk. Please confirm your time and show up for the call. 

3. Speak with Emily! 

We’ll talk about your application and goals for the next year. If you’re a good fit, I’ll offer you a spot and go through the details of joining.

4. Accept your invitation!

Submit your first payment and sign the contract. Send your sales reports for me to get started on your sales analysis buying plan ASAP.

Send me to the application!

From HVMM Graduates:

I hit numbers I would have never imagined for myself.

"Hiring Emily in a 1-on-1 capacity was one of the best investments I've made in my business. I was consistently hitting a benchmark goal I set for myself each month, but didn't realize how much more could be out there for me. With her guidance, I hired two employees, planned and promoted successful events, and hit numbers I would have never imagined for myself. Her gift is in data assessment and she shows you how to strategically get from point A to point B with as little stress and strain as possible."

-Anna Ledebuhr, Coulee Boutique


My dreams are huge and I know my potential is endless. 

Mastermind was the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. I was so stressed wondering how I would be able to leave the store and let go of some control and become a first-time mom. My staff was properly trained and took care of my store while I took care of my baby. My dreams are huge and I know my potential is endless. Emily is a rockstar and truly has a passion to help you be successful in every aspect of business and sometimes life. I would highly recommend her and I look forward to working with her in the future.

-Ashley Wilkinson, Whimsy Willows Boutique

Frequently Asked Questions

The Investment

Pay in Full......... $20,000


Monthly........... $1700/month for 12 months
Are you ready to scale your business?