Reels for Retail: A Training Class For Retailers and Boutique Owners

In this BRANDE NEW TRAINING CLASS, Reels for Retail, Emily Benson, retail expert and trend watcher, is letting you in on the latest and greatest Instagram Reels secrets.

Everyday dead accounts are going bananas implementing a simple text-based Reels strategy. The results? New followers, a bigger audience and retargeting opportunities steeped in potential sales.

How do we make it work for your retail business? Whether you are online, brick and mortar or mobile, this Reels strategy will work for you. 

In a digital age where visibility equates to opportunity, being the "best kept secret" isn't a badge of honor—it's a challenge to overcome. This course is your strategic partner in bridging the gap between you and your undiscovered audience, those who are just a click away from becoming loyal customers.

Why Reels for Retail?

Every day, millions of potential customers scroll through their social media feeds, unknowingly bypassing businesses that offer exactly what they're looking for. This course tackles that issue head-on, focusing on the power of engaging, viral content to attract a cold audience—people who are yet to discover your brand but are destined to love it.

Reels for Retail demystifies the sales funnel for cold audiences, providing you with actionable strategies to grow your visibility and turn new eyes into engaged followers and, ultimately, into customers. Whether you're looking to become the go-to boutique for teachers wanting to elevate their wardrobe, the undiscovered gem in local retail, or the must-watch content creator in your niche, this course lays down the foundation for achieving viral growth and sustaining it.

What Will You Learn?

- Understanding the Sales Funnel: Learn how to construct a cold audience sales funnel that not only attracts new followers but also converts them into buyers.
- Creating Engaging Content: Discover the art of crafting reels that resonate with your target audience, encouraging shares, likes, and comments.
- Going Viral: Learn what viral really means and how even 10x-ing your current Reel views will skyrocket your new customer list.
- Noticing What Works: Gain insights into identifying trends and content styles that are currently capturing attention from your ideal customers.

Who is This Training Class For?

Reels for Retail is designed for anyone tired of being your customer's best-kept secret. It's for the retail store or boutique owners who know they have something special to offer customers but haven't yet found the formula to reach the audience that will appreciate it the most.

New Customers are One Reel Away!

With a blend of strategic insights and practical examples, Reels for Retail is more than just a Training Class—it's your first step towards making your retail business a household name. Are you ready to stop being the best kept secret and start being the brand everyone talks about? Book your seat now and let's make your retail business impossible to ignore.


Payment Details

  • One Payment
  • Payment will be deducted from your Credit Card or Paypal account automatically and you'll be emailed a receipt from either Stripe, Paypal, Apple or Google Pay systems.

What's Included:

🖥 90 Minute Video Training with step by step/ follow along guidance

🖥 In-depth training class with screen share tutorials

🖥 Lists of Hook and Caption Ideas

🖥 Video and B-Roll Ideas that are EASY!


What Happens Next?

After you enter your payment details, you'll get immediate access to the class!

$97.00 USD

There are no refunds for this purchase. The replay of the Live Class will be sent within 24 hours.

Think you might want Emily’s advice on your boutique?

Then grab this Private Group Q&A Session- it entitles you to the following:

✔️ 1, 1hr Zoom Q&A Private Group Meetup where you can pre-submit a question and get some tips on anywhere you need advice or feel stuck.

✔️ Session planned for Wednesday April 17 at 8pm EST, but more sessions will be added if needed per sign ups to keep it a small group.

✔️ Guaranteed Answer for One Question during the Session (depending on time available there could be potential for more).

COST: $97 for Private Group Q&A. (This will be added to your original training class price.)