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Are you a stay at home mom, teacher or nurse who’s looking to start a boutique and add income for your family?

What if you could Start a Boutique that Makes $3000 or more in the first 90 Days?

You've decided you want to open a retail boutique business. Where should you start?

I bet you've been doing your research on:

  • How to Pick Products That Actually Make You Money

  • Where to Find Customers That Actually Buy Those Products

  • How to Do All the Math Involved with Costs and Revenue

  • What Social Media and Marketing Tools are Relevant Right Now

  • Whether You Should Jump into Brick and Mortar or Open Online Only

Anyone can Start a Boutique Business. Not Many Actually Make Money Doing it. That's where we come in.

You've seen the TikTok videos about "How to Start an Online Boutique"... but they don't really say much. You might get guidance on getting an EIN number, starting a business bank account or where to buy inventory.

Those are things anyone can tell you. And frankly, they aren't that important when it comes to having a boutique business that makes you money.

When I say "makes you money," I mean actual dollars in your bank account that you can use to support your business and life.

That's making real money. That's what we teach.

You are frustrated that having a boutique feels hard, and you wish it could just be easy.

  • You're worried what friends and family will think when you start posting photos of yourself in clothes and jewelry.

  • You see little boutiques popping up in garages all over town and panic that there's not enough room for you too.

  • You see huge boutiques with warehouses and wish you knew their secrets.

  • Maybe you're open and feel like the only people who will ever buy from you are the people in your life already?

Following your dream of starting a boutique today could completely change your life by this time next year, just like it did for Juana.

Juana was planning to open a brick and mortar Boutique for January 2023, but had very little experience opening a retail store.

It all started with me answering her questions in my YouTube comment section on a bunch of videos (maybe you can relate?) 

Juana had a 9-5 job, but had signed a lease for a Brick and Mortar Storefront. She had decided it was time finally go all in opening her dream business: Jayla's Styles Boutique. 

In her research and Googling she came across my free content on YouTube, and then started binging my podcast. Her final comment was "How do I sign up for your Bootcamp? I'm ready to get more access to you and learn the Bootcamp system!" 

In October 2022, she decided to join our Boutique Basics Bootcamp online course before officially opening. 

She leveraged Boutique Basics Bootcamp's proven system to build and execute opening her boutique business. Finalizing inventory purchases, prepping her marketing strategy and getting really clear on who she was targeting as an ideal customer.

She opened the week after Christmas 2022 (frankly this was one of the worst timed openings I could have suggested, but it was when the lease began!)

Her first month open she made $3000 in revenue and has grown that each month since. She has stayed in Bootcamp and graduated to our next level course since then.

Juana's sales success continued to leap through April 2023, where sales hit $18,000. She continued to scale though the summer with August 2023 finishing at $26,000 in sales. 

Because she implemented Boutique Basic Bootcamp's proven system, in less than one year she has a Six Figure Boutique Business that maintains a 62% gross profit margin. She pays herself a salary and has a boutique business she loves!

Juana's Storefront in Gilroy, CA

You can have these same results from the Boutique Basics Bootcamp proven system.

Boutique Basics Bootcamp teaches a proven, professional level system that has launched over 1300 boutiques since 2017. What if in 3 months you could launch a boutique that makes you $3000 or more per month? That lays the foundation for you to have a full time Boutique Business by this time next year?

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is the #1 Digital Course for Starting and Growing a New Boutique Business


For New Boutique Owners Serious About Growth Under One Of The World's Top Experts

Have you always dreamed of opening a boutique?

Let’s get your boutique startup moving faster with expert guidance, peer support and best-in-breed tools.

 Launching a boutique business requires a comprehensive plan. Boutique Training Academy specializes in education and personalized consulting for the boutique business owner. We’ve created a one-of-a-kind program that combines individual consulting services with online education. You’ll learn to build a marketing plan, operations plan, define your niche and choose the right product mix.

Boutique Basics Bootcamp benefits:

A Positive Community That Believes YOU CAN Have a Successful Retail Store and Shares Advice and Resources

You'll Never Feel Stuck with 2 Group Consulting Calls a Month with 1:1 Access to Retail Experts Emily and Ariane

Guides and Trainings to Give You Clarity on the Exact Steps to Get Your Boutique Business to $3000 a Month

Step by Step Professional Level Trainings on the Foundations of Retail Success and How to Buy Inventory for a Customer that Buys

"Over the Shoulder" Shopify Online Store Creation Tutorial Because We Don't Want You To Be Stressing About the Tech

Support with Every Mental Obstacle, whether it's Worrying about Competition or Putting Yourself Out There to Sell, we've been in your place!

Get on the fast track with the proven, step by step system inside Boutique Basics Bootcamp:

Get in Barbie, We're Opening a Boutique!

Step 1: Mindset and Motivation

  • Identify your personal money story for deep transformation

  • How to throw out the thoughts that aren’t serving your success

  • What you need to create a personal, daily mindset practice that serves your highest self

Your Favorite People are Waiting to Be Customers Who Buy

Step 2: Your Ideal Customer

  • Why trying to "have something for everyone" is absolutely killing your chances for success

  • Who do you think you want to serve?

  • Why do they need you in their life every week?

  • What can you offer to them to keep them coming back and buying from you?

Pick Products That Actually Make You Money

Step 3: Your Product Assortment

  • How to create an assortment that sells

  • Why your pricing structure matters and how to develop a structure that matches your ideal customer's expectations

  • Create a product sourcing strategy that saves you time and money

Get Clarity on "The Math," Even If You Hate It

Step 4: Your Operations Plan

  • What kind of boutique will you be and what implications on set up does that mean?

  • Mega simplified definitions of all the confusing accounting, tax, insurance and licensing terms you need to know.

  • What must your website have on it to turn lookers into buyers?

Simplify and Automate Marketing From the Start

Step 5: Your Marketing Plan

  • Why doing every social media is killing your sales

  • How to keep customers visiting you and BUYING from you!

  • Why you must get comfortable on video and how to convert viewers to buyers

Launch or Relaunch to a Warm Audience

Step 6: Boutique Launch Plan

  • How much inventory do you need to launch and then keep as you grow?

  • Why being consistent in your marketing plan is the key to making money

  • How to hold the long term vision for your boutique’s success when others may doubt you

Don't Get Bogged Down in the Tech!

We'll walk you through setting up a Shopify Ecommerce Site.

Get a Book of Checklists on How to Grow to $10,000 Months

You'll get a guide with multiple checklists including specific action steps around mindset, margins and marketing.

Stop holding yourself and your business back struggling to diagnose what's wrong!

If you're struggling in Boutiqueland, we've got you!

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is a comprehensive program for new (and new-ish) Boutique Owners looking to make money in their business and have balance in their life.

Staying up late searching the web for the "best strategies" and "secrets to success" can be over. You're answers are here in this program.

Even if you've failed every time before (or you feel like you're failing right now), Bootcamp is the answer. Fail no more, this proven system works to make you real money in your Boutique Business.

Now, when you enroll in Boutique Basics Bootcamp, you'll get the digital course that over 1300 new boutique owners, just like you, have already been through. You'll get three months of  training, support and confidence. If you have a question or a struggle, it's going to get answered in a way where you feel supported and aligned so the solution works for you.

It doesn't matter how you sell or what you sell, Boutique Basics Bootcamp will work for you!

I'm Emily Benson, Corporate Retail Merchant turned Boutique Owner turned Retail Boutique Consultant

For the past 8 years, I've been educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology focused on mindset, margins and marketing.

As the founder of Boutique Training Academy, the top retail educational platforms for boutique owners, I'm the secret behind so many of those million dollar boutique businesses you see online.

I have over 17 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation, The Fashion Truck.

I hit a brick wall in 2015 with my product selling career, burnt out and resentful of my boutique business. Even though I had a professional level of knowledge and a boutique with 2 locations that made six figures a year, I just couldn't handle it anymore. A switch flipped and I had to quit.

Since then, I've been on a mission to help boutique and retail store owners start, grow and scale with ease. Founded on a professional level training system with the latest marketing and mindset strategies layered on, Boutique Training Academy is the catalyst to helping the community in Boutiqueland thrive.

I'm grateful to receive acknowledgement of my expertise from these publications & organizations:

Over 1300 Happy Boutique Owners have seen Real Results in their boutiques from this course!

"I've been in business for awhile, but Emily got me back on track."

"I have been following Emily for a few years and find her to be truly amazing, so positive. The first course I took was Boutique Basics Bootcamp - what an eye-opener as to where I was going wrong. Emily helped me to get back on track." 

Dekara Case-Lambert, Dekara Jane Fashion Boutique

"Boutique Basics Bootcamp delivers EXACTLY what it promises!"

"Boutique Basics Bootcamp delivers EXACTLY what it promises! Emily uses her unique experience and no bullsh*# perspective to give you the foundational tools needed to succeed in the boutique biz. I had some retail background and lived and died by my outdated 'keystone' philosophy to pricing. When Emily explained the 3x markup concept, my mind was blown. I now know that my business is viable and growth is the actuality, not just a dream for someday."

Beth K, A Sparkling Mess

"What you need to make your business successful."

"I’ve taken several of Emily‘s courses and she is amazing. I think the biggest takeaway I have gotten back is the mindset work. I like her energy and she isn’t just stuff & fluff she gives you that meat and potatoes of what you need to make your business successful."

Tami Anderson, Tapestry Boutique

"I've done almost $4000 in sales this month!"

- Caylee, Online Boutique

"My business has doubled from the months prior to signing up."

- Alexia, Online Boutique

"I was selling less than $100/month and now I'm going to hit $500!"

- Andi Davidson, Arden & Co. Boutique

"I've gone from $500 sales on average to $2,700 in sales."

- Gia Hamel, Eluxurie Boutique

What if you could have the kind of success these boutique owners have?

Anyone can start a boutique, but not everyone is guaranteed success.

If you're ready to have the boutique business you've been dreaming of, then Boutique Basics Bootcamp is the perfect next step for you.

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is simply the best program designed specifically for new and startup boutique owners. When you take the steps I teach in this course, you’ll be on on your way to making $500 to $5000 more in sales revenue than you are today.

You could spend thousands on inventory that doesn't sell, a web designer or a college course that is already out of date.

Let's face it, there's some really bad advice here on the internet about how to start a retail boutique. Finding resources that are both affordable and show real client reviews is few and far between.

You can absolutely start on your own, but why not learn from someone that has almost 2 decades of hands on, real life, professional level retail and boutique expertise?  

Right Now, You Can Get a Step by Step, Professional Level Proven System to Launch Your Boutique and Make $3000 in the First 3 Months.

Boutique Basics Bootcamp is a 3 Month Online Group Consulting Program that takes you Step by Step to Start Your Retail Boutique. It Includes:

  • Bi-Weekly Semi-Private Calls

  • 6 Video Training Slideshows

  • 6 Detailed Workbooks

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Curated Vendor Lists

  • Shopify Set Up Training

  • START Guidebook

COURSE VALUE $10,300 and over $3200 of Bonuses!

Get Instant Digital Access to All of This! (Over $13,000 value)

A total value of $13,500!

Yours today for just $999


I'm Ready to Enroll!

Are you ready to Open a Retail Boutique with a Proven System, Experts to Ask Questions To and a Like Minded Community?

You'll get immediate access to all of the resources listed above, and when you join you'll get the calendar of calls. The live portion of coaching and support calls will begin immediately. 

Choose your investment here:

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  • Professional Level Retail Industry Training
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  • Professional Level Retail Industry Training
  • Better than a College Course
  • Taught by Trusted Experts
  • Over 1300 graduates
  • Instant Digital Access to the Course and Bonuses
  • Calls start Immediately

* Price Will Go Back Up to 3 Payments of $415 After This Promotion Period Ends

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I know this is a risk. So is Opening a Retail Boutique! What if I told you I could remove your risks?

Well, my lawyer said I can't remove all risk because it's up to you to put my ideas into actual action and execution. But there's been so many times I have hesitated making an investment in myself, so I get it. How about I walk you through a few ideas?

Most boutiques run at about a $40-45 average retail price. That means that you'll need to sell 22 pieces of $45 items to make your money back. In 3 months, that's only about 7 items a month at that $45 average. Seems pretty easy, right?

A large chunk of our Bootcamp Members include boutiques that have decided start on their own (leveraging free resources or a jam packed content membership that they end up slogging through because there's just too much information) They have $5000 to $40,000 of inventory at cost sitting in their guest bedroom or basement and are puzzled at how to untangle the mess they've ended up in.

If this is your situation, know that this is a judgement free zone where we want to help you rethink, reorganize and potentially rebrand so that you launch or re-launch with more power, information and confidence than you might expect to have.

If you're just about to buy your first chunk of inventory, maybe wait just a minute? Enroll in Bootcamp and let's review it on the next Consulting Call! Watch "Step 3: Your Product Assortment" and learn how to curate by department, create a pricing structure and then buy the right styles to make a profit from day one. You will have inventory that sells from day one!

I also put my October 2023 thoughts about opening a boutique into voice here in this podcast episode. Click here to listen now!

Read about how Jill and Laura built incredible boutique businesses on the foundation of the Boutique Basics Bootcamp proven system:

Starting a boutique has been totally different than my time as a Top Seller at Agnes & Dora.
Emily has taught me everything.
I'm happy to say that I'm having my biggest sales month of the year only 3 months in!

- Jill Vadnie, Dakota Flora Online Boutique

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I started in Boutique Basics Bootcamp as an Online Boutique.
Today I have a Storefront in Maryland and make an average of $30,000 a month.
Follow what Emily says and you'll have a thriving boutique business!

- Laura Schaeffer, Quaintrelle Boutique

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When you enroll NOW (before the countdown timer on this page ends!) , you'll get 8 Bonuses for FREE:

Recorded Q&A with Emily for each of the 6 Steps

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Shopping the LA Fashion District Guide

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How to Shop at Market Training

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Grow Your Audience Webinar

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Boutique Reset Private Podcast Series

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How to Grow Your Boutique Training Series 

($27 value)

Black Friday Masterclass 

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2023 Consulting Call Recordings 

($1997 value)

that's over $3200 in bonus trainings for FREE!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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