Business Consulting for Boutique Owners, Wholesale Companies and Independent Retailers  

We help you make more money with my step-by-step system to start and scale your business, and gain the freedom you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you are in the planning phase, or selling millions a year, we have something to help you design a better business.

Our Clients Have Longevity in Boutiqueland:

98% of Clients Have Little to No Retail Experience, want to open or scale a retail related business, and need professional guidance. That's where we fill the gap in education.

Our goal is to produce free and paid educational content to help the Small Business/Boutique/Retail Industry sustain the ups and downs of the Market. There's no bad time to start a good business, and we need creative and driven boutiques, wholesalers and retailers to have the business sense to sustain themselves through anything. We have to take the ego out of retail and create a positive place for someone to shine.

Our educational, professional content is for you if you're smart, driven, open to critique and ready for fun along the way.

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45% Increase

"I was at $20k average months. 3 months after starting with you, I had a $42,000 March.

That's 45% higher sales!

- Ashley Henderson, Online Boutique
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$1 Million

"We did it! We hit $1M at 3pm today!"

- Samantha & Sara, Cupcake Couture, Brick and Mortar + Online Boutique


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70% Increase

"Hey Emily I'm so excited!! I had 70% increase since our last call! I did a little over $6k this week! I pretty sure I'm going to hit over $20k this month aaaaah!"

- Juana Cerna, Jayla's Styles, Brick and Mortar Boutique
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"I took your Boutique course and am now CONSISTENTLY having $13,000-$15,000 months
WITHOUT working harder.
In fact, I work less than I was.

It works if you work it! Looking forward to continuing growth!"

- Ashley Brummet, Online Boutique
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$40k NET

During our time together: "I did over $40k in NET SALES this month!!!!! Just thought I would share the good news!! Thank you for all that you've taught me so far!!"

After working together: 

"Emily has changed my life! I HIGHLY recommend her and the training she offers if you are serious about your boutique and living the life you deserve!"

- Dannie Huggs, The Sol Shine, Brick and Mortar + Online Boutique
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"I'm completely blown away! Without your guidance and support I couldn't have done it! Woo! Our biggest and best month ever! $30k!!!

- Erin Craft, 3 Willows, Online Boutique
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As a Retail Professional and former Boutique Owner, I specialize in helping you analyze your sales, buy proper inventory levels and scale your small retail business to multi-millions in revenue.


Introducing our signature Framework of educational and solution-focused boutique training programs. As a boutique consultant, I've meticulously crafted this framework by blending time-honored retail fundamentals with cutting-edge innovations. Each program is curated and led by a hand-picked team with decades of collective retail expertise. With this Framework, our clients consistently achieve remarkable outcomes, cultivating highly profitable boutique businesses that lay the foundation for enriching and robust lives. Discover the transformative power of our boutique training today.

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I'm Emily Benson.

My life work is to help entrepreneurs create a business they can’t wait to wake up to every morning. My own boutique, The Fashion Truck, disrupted the retail world in 2011. Today my consulting business, Boutique Training Academy, helps thousands of boutique owners start, grow, and scale their business.

My background in corporate merchandising for companies Abercrombie & Fitch, Henri Bendel and Club Monaco make me uniquely suited to translate the fast paced world of retail to the modern boutique owners of today.

Both of my books, The Ultimate Boutique Handbook and The Retail Mindset, went to #1 on Amazon and the Handbook is the #1 Global Book on How to Start a Retail Business. My podcast Boost Your Boutique has 250 episodes and gets over 30,000 downloads a month.

I hear from retail business owners just like you that my work has changed their life. Are you ready to change your life?

My online boutique now makes millions.

"I'm so grateful to work with Emily. Together we tripled my sales our first year, and have gone on to double revenue year over year. My boutique now makes millions."
- Lex Nevin, Dressed in LaLa

$50k increase in 1 Month!

“Emily helped me grow $50,000 in one month, yes, one month."
- Shari Ausant, Mermaids on Cape Cod

I'm able to take time off and hit new sales records.

"Every month we keep hitting our highest month ever. I'm able to visit family, take time off and manage my staff to support our growth."
- Brittany Petrik, Roseabella Boutique

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Boutique Training Academy consults and develops education for boutique owners at a professional retail level. If you're a new or established boutique owner looking to do it right the first time (and make money) you're in the right place.


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