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If you want to make more money in your boutique or retail business you're in the right place.

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We teach aspiring and established boutique entrepreneurs the most efficient and profitable ways to run and love their business through our proven methodology of mindset, margins and marketing.

How to Start a Clothing Boutique

A free training that covers the 5 critical strategies to make money from the day you launch! Perfect for brand new boutique owners or a boutique owner looking to relaunch!

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Hi, I'm Emily Benson, and I've been in the retail and boutique world for the past 17 years. Join me to start leveraging my knowledge and expertise to make your boutique business both profitable and fun. (Hint: It CAN be!!)

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Start a Boutique for $75

Think you need a big budget to start your boutique? Think again! In this video, I'll show you the exact steps to buy $75 of merchandise to start making money right away. 

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Make More Money! My #1 Rule

You're making making money way too complicated! Numbers don't lie and when you start to hang around me, you'll notice that I like to teach you how making more money in your boutique can be easy!

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Easy Steps to Move More Inventory

News flash: You're not supposed to sell every last piece of inventory! Even mega retailers make markdown plans and create opportunities to sell through those styles or size that just don't want to leave the rack. I want to let you in on some of the tricks!

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What can you expect from a Boutique Training Academy course?

No matter which class you take, you can count on it being infused with my Signature 3M's Methodology:


Undoubtedly the game changing part of my methodology. You'll learn to master the mindset of a Boutique CEO.


Growth is a combination of data and intuition. We will always dig into the data to help you grow faster and more profitably.


From social media advertising to website design, we teach the most up to date strategies in online marketing. 

What Boutique Owners have to say about Emily & BTA:

Meghan Parker, Fourever Lane

"Emily was the best investment I made for my boutique."

Shari Aussant, Mermaids on Cape Cod

"Emily helped me grow $50,000 in one month, yes, one month."

Lex Nevin, Dressed in LaLa

"I'm so grateful to work with Emily. Together we tripled my sales our first year, and have gone on to double revenue year over year. My boutique now makes millions."

Jill Vadnie, Dakota Flora

"I hired Emily to avoid making all the 'beginner mistakes' when switching from a direct sales company to boutique."

Erin Craft, 3 Willows Boutique

"I waited way too long to begin working with Emily Benson. And now that I have... I recommend no one wait."

Brittany Petrik, Roseabella Boutique

"Every month we keep hitting our highest month ever. I'm able to visit family, take time off and manage my staff to support our growth."

Want to start getting all my free advice NOW?  

You don't have to have an established boutique business to start working with me. I have over 180 episodes of my Boost Your Boutique podcast available right now for you to start binge listening on those long walks, nights shipping packages or drives to your 9-5!