There's no "SECRET" to growing your boutique business overnight. BUT, every business I've helped grow to $500k-$1M+ a year in revenue has done so with a THIS PLAN.

Are you winging it in your retail boutique right now? The numbers are good but you know they could be better.

The Framework I'm teaching in Million Dollar Boutique Masterclass will show you the plan that increases revenue by 20-50% in 6 months or less.

I can show you how to understand the intricacies of the business you are pouring your heart and soul into and get real results:

  • Sales that Pay ALL the Bills
  • More time off
  • Increased Profits

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If you can hit $20,000 in sales a month, you can at least hit $40,000. If you can hit $50,000 you can hit $80,000.

But will increasing your revenue even "make" you more money? Like profit.

Your experience so far has been having a little extra cushion during those bigger months, but downright pushing for sales in slow months.

Think about it, if you've grown your sales before by just winging it, you probably could grow using a proven strategy from a retail expert, right?

But what if it doesn't work for you?

The only way it won't work is if you don't do it.

The Framework I'm teaching in Million Dollar Boutique Masterclass is the structure that all retail is built on.

See, I didn't make this up out of thin air or "what I did to hit $1M."

I took my corporate retail planning career, combined it with my boutique growth experience and tied it up with the latest in digital marketing strategies.

If fluff is your thing, sign up for something else.

Over here you're going to get a world class Framework that gets results every time. (Literally one time I predicted a client's sales by department within $20 of every department. I will beat anyone in an inventory planning match.)

My brain is a retail math machine and I will teach you everything I know. All you have to do is show up, learn and implement the steps in your boutique.

Easier said than done... but still easier than going broke and closing.

Let's make you more money, ok?

Following your dream of scaling a boutique today could completely change your life by this time next year, just like it did for Molly.


Molly started with a retail business for 5 years, then switched over to designing wholesale clothing for boutique owners. She had an incredible first year in wholesale, but wanted more.

Molly has been following the Boutique Training Academy teachings for years, but this moment felt different.

I'll let her tell you about it:

Molly implemented the system I'm teaching in the Million Dollar Boutique Masterclass! 

November 2022 to November 2023, she's up 57% in sales and 7% in profit. Stop listening to other people complain about "the economy" and realize that with heart and priorities that focus on your inventory, you can have this too.

Molly on Vaca!

I'm Emily Benson, Corporate Retail Merchant turned Boutique Owner turned Retail Boutique Consultant

For the past 9 years, I've been educating and consulting with brick and mortar, online and mobile retailers utilizing a groundbreaking new training methodology focused on mindset, margins and marketing.

As the founder of Boutique Training Academy, the top retail educational platforms for boutique owners, I'm the secret behind so many of those million dollar boutique businesses you see online.

I have over 17 years merchandising background with Abercrombie & Fitch, Club Monaco and Henri Bendel, followed by launching one of the first mobile fashion trucks in the nation, The Fashion Truck.

I hit a brick wall in 2015 with my product selling career, burnt out and resentful of my boutique business. Even though I had a professional level of knowledge and a boutique with 2 locations that made six figures a year, I just couldn't handle it anymore. A switch flipped and I had to quit.

Since then, I've been on a mission to help boutique and retail store owners start, grow and scale with ease. Founded on a professional level training system with the latest marketing and mindset strategies layered on, Boutique Training Academy is the catalyst to helping the community in Boutiqueland thrive.

I'm grateful to receive acknowledgement of my expertise from these publications & organizations:

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