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Stop Winging It

Aug 23, 2023
Sales have slowed. You don't have the right styles. It's almost Fall and your boutique's revenue growth feels like it needs a jolt. 
What if I told you if you start now, you can end this year with low stock, high bank balances and maybe even a tropical vacation in January?
If you're making $10k or more per month consistently, I'm talking to you! The solution to your inefficiency with inventory is NOT adding dropshipping or print on demand.
Let's just analyze your sales, adjust your buys and make you more money the old fashioned way. It's literally worked for hundreds of years and when it's done well, can be incredibly profitable.
Product based businesses need to shift now and inventory is what truly moves the needle.
On Sunday July 30th at 8pm EST, I'm hosting a 90 minute FREE Live Webinar called OVERBOUGHT.
I'll give you exact details of my 3 Step Process to Break the Cycle of Overbuying Inventory and Maximize Profitability:
💥 Analyze
💥 Sell
💥 Reforecast
A Few Details:
  1. YES it's FREE!
  2. YES you can wear your pj's to the training (I know it's Sunday Scaries night!)
  3. YES you'll have replay access for a week!
You must reserve a spot so we can email you login instructions (and the valuable replay!)
A Testimonial About the Framework I'm teaching in OVERBOUGHT:
"I came into this having too much inventory and wanting to create my own buying plan. I'm now going into July and August with the least amount inventory than I've ever had and easily being up 25% to last year's sales revenue. This system works!" 
- Ronda, Brick and Mortar Boutique Owner
This is New and Exclusive content for Established Boutique Owners:
👗 Getting Rid of Excess Inventory
👗 How to Buy + Optimize Inventory
👗 Leaning into Branding + Product Assortment
Perfect for online boutiques, brick and mortar stores and pop up boutiques!
Register now through July 30th and get the replay automatically emailed to you, regardless of attendance.
Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money,