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Time Management for Boutiques {Tip #4}

May 25, 2020

Time Management Tip #4

Set a Timer


This tip came from Andrea from Team Emily! Because she works from home all the time, task can often times be interrupted by things going on around the house. She recommends that if you have a larger task that may take you a few hours, set a timer for 50 minutes and then give yourself a 10 minute break to get up, grab a snack, do a chore around the house, or make a call. Make sure that you also set a timer for 10 minutes for that break!


You will be shocked how much you can get done when you set a timer. Studies have shown that working for set periods of time with small breaks makes you even more productive! You can even make it a challenge by seeing how much you can get done before the timer goes off. This is a great tip to use for kids who maybe get overwhelmed with larger tasks like cleaning their room. Set a timer and make it a game!