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boutique boutique business designing your boutique how to open a boutique opening a boutique Jul 04, 2020

How your boutique feels and looks is just as important as the name of your boutique. When you start to design your space or website, you want there to be a flow that is welcoming but also encourages your customer to BUY! Your brand’s overall feel is a huge component to help you shine. Consistent messaging to your customer is also very important. Having a niche in your market is one way to do this! 

If you are going online with your boutique, having a website that is easy to navigate, eye catching and updated consistently is key. Using hosting sites like Shopify make this incredibly easy to do! 

Now moving on to the physical look of your boutique. There are a few main components of your brick and mortar boutique that you will need to consider when designing the layout of your boutique: 


  1. Front Door Entrance
  2. Front and Forward Table
  3. Cash Wrap
  4. Dressing Room
  5. Sale Area
  6. Sitting Area/Kids Area


What is your favorite area of your boutique or what are you most looking forward to designing in your new boutique? Leave them in the comments below!