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boost your boutique boutique how to make money in a boutique retailmindset May 07, 2023

I got an email yesterday from a client and I had to share it because it reminded me of what I do and why I do it.

"You have been so amazing to me in so many ways and I thank you for getting me to where I am today. I started out listening to your podcasts, taking and attending your courses. I have read your books and taken every word from you and put it into action in my business. 
You have helped me grow my business from making barely a $1000 a month to making at least $25,000 a month (and I'm only open 5 days a week, 6 hours a day)I even stuck through all of this through the pandemic. You are truly amazing!
- Jana Carani
$1000 to over $25,000 a month in sales is significant. Life changing. 9-5 quitting numbers.
Why not you? Why shouldn't that testimonial be from you? Taking what I've taught you and growing your business to the level you so you can be with your kids more, travel more, be in a comfortable living situation that feels spacious and fun?
Jana is not unique. Well, she is because she's an amazing human! What I mean is that her story working with me is not unique. 
Let me tell you about a few more boutique owners I've been working with the past few months:
  • This year Juana opened her store and went from $0 to an $18,000 month in April (yes, like last month April.)
  • Jen and Meg grew their Q1 sales from $17k/average month in 2022 to $24k/average month in 2023. (yes in the dreaded January- March crappy weather months!)
  • Shari has been taking slower days for herself and in April had a 5x ROAS on Meta Ads we have set up and running. She made $13,300 in additional revenue from Ads, all while spending time with her family.
Have you been holding yourself back from getting the support and training you really need? Maybe you're hanging out in FB groups and memberships that aren't lifting you up and addressing the issues you are struggling with? 
Today, I'm inviting you to a brand new Free Live Training that I'm hosting on May 15, 2023. No matter your level, I'm going to talk to you and what your specific focus should be in your business right now. I'm calling the Training: Maximizing Your Boutique's Growth Potential: Strategies for Success from a Retail Pro.
Spend an hour and a half with me and I'll show you the exact steps you need to be taking now to make an impact that will last through the fall and holiday season. At the end of the training I'll talk about how to work with me over the next 3-6 months in a more intimate way. While the free training will be packed, just know that the big results I'm talking about above come from working in a program with me.
I can't wait to see you there!