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April Showers Bring... MARKETING TIPS!

boutique boutique business marketing tips marketing tips for boutique owners online boutique retail small business Apr 10, 2020

This month's theme is MARKETING.

My team and I have planned out content for all of 2020 and when our world got flipped upside down a few weeks ago, I was worried we may need to pivot our social media plan for April.

I was wrong. Even back in December when I sat with my program manager for hours, I knew April would be a month where I wanted to share more about marketing. Talk about intuition!

With so many of you unable to run your brick and mortars from your physical stores, I wanted to share about a no cost marketing tool that you all have at your fingertips.

Facebook Live!

I know a lot of you aren't comfortable getting in front of the camera. Well its time to suck it up! Your message is too important to not share!

You have to get uncomfortable in order to grow. Like most things, with practice, it gets easier.

Have a plan when you go live. Knowing what you are going to show and say is going to help you feel less anxious and more comfortable in front of the camera.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share more of my top tips for getting started with Facebook Live or if you've been doing Facebook Live for a while, maybe some of these tips will help make your Lives better and reach more people!