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Boutique Owners, Master Your Money!

boost your boutique boutique boutique ceos boutique owners master your money Feb 28, 2020
Are you ready for some homework so you can master your money??
Step 1: Become aware of your money situation. How much money is in your business bank account? If you don’t have one, you NEED to open one.
Step 2: Look at your payment system or register. How much money did you make last week? How much money is hitting your bank account in the next 3 days? Record these numbers on the same page as step #1.
Step 3: How much inventory do you own at wholesale cost? Record it.
Step 4: How much inventory at whole sale cost is on order, meaning its set to be delivered to you in the next week-six months
Step 5: Listen to Episode 306 of my podcast, Boost Your Boutique for an even more in-depth conversation!
Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money,