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Burnout is Real. Let's avoid it, ok?

boost your boutique podcast retail business retailmindset Apr 26, 2023
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Burnout is Real. Let's avoid it, ok?

I'd love you to really, really love your boutique business.

This week on the Podcast, I'm talking about Burnout in Boutique Owners. I want to make sure that you are doing ok out there in Boutiqueland…

{Listen to the episode about avoiding burnout here}

Authenticity over perfection is the way forward right now. Taking quick action to pivot your business right now and leaning into what feels easiest is going to be your ticket to success.

Showing up authentically as who you are — just a human running a business who wants to do good in the world for yourself and otherspeople are empathetic to that. Seeing that the majority of people respond in an understanding and forgiving way to your mistakes and boundaries allows you to relax without freaking out or feeling like you really should be working.

Getting to that place can be hard.

So, what is the solution here? What really needs to happen?

First, you need to acknowledge that you are better when you take time off.

Your brain needs time to chill. You need to step away from your desk so you can work smarter, not harder or for longer amounts of time. You don’t have to be working all day. You don't have to be so energetically tied to the minutiae of your business.

You should be tied to the energy of the overall business.

And in order to do that, you need downtime to replenish.

When we’re so used to working all the time, it can be really uncomfortable to relax. Your body is used to doing things a certain way, and your mind loves to solve problems, and your emotional addiction is to feel pressurized and antsy about your work. That’s the opposite of relaxing.

That’s why — at night, or on weekends, or anytime you think “I should be working” or “I should respond to that email” — you should start noticing what triggers you to think that way. Is it an actual pressing issue or just a habitual way of being?

If it’s the latter — and it usually is — then we can begin to dismantle that habit by building in something different that both serves you and replenishes your energy. 

My top tip for doing this is finding what relaxes you. Replacement habits can be hard to find so experiment with how you want to spend time away from work. 

I find that activities that keep your hands busy like knitting, coloring, stitching, or playing a musical instrument are usually better to start with than something that involves you totally checking out like reading a book or taking a meditative bath (those are like self care level two). Find something that helps you truly disconnect.

By doing this over and over again, we create a balance between work and play so that when you ARE working, it's productive time.

~Here's to making lots of friends and makings lots of money~