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What To Do About Copycats {+ Events with Emily!}

boutique tips how to grow a boutique work with emily Apr 01, 2019

This past week, I found out that I’ve been inspiring others. Meaning that in two separate situations, my work is being copied.


I always tell you that you have no competition, and I do deeply believe that for both you and I. I get that ideas are a dime a dozen. I know that the collective unconscious means that maybe two or ten people are saying and writing the same thing.

But, I’ve got to say, it still does sting a bit when you find out that people are taking your ideas and using them as their own. Some quite obviously.

My ego screamed... ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS? I’ve always been so polite, stayed in my lane and (still) believe there is plenty to go around. I think that being nice is fine, but it gives people who maybe lack confidence in their own message to absorb your’s as their own.

I’ve had this happen before with The Fashion Truck. Teal trucks selling items “all under $100” popped up after I got some great press. A woman who lived less than 100 miles away tried to open a truck with almost the *exact* same name. This whole "imitation is the highest form of flattery" thing is an old trigger that poked it's head up to say hi again this week.

You know I like to talk and teach from my own experience. So after my ego calmed down, my Spiritual Teacher Training kicked in and I started seeing this for what it really is— a lesson.


My spiritual side said... What is this meant to teach you Em? This is happening for you so let’s take a step back and feel into it.

Here’s what I came up with:

  1. It’s ok to be angry, but move through the feeling quickly. Anger does NOT serve me.
  2. Stay fired up, true to me and on mission. (Honestly, this situation just drives me even more!)
  3. How is this mirroring my own insecurities? Am I not playing big enough because I don’t think my message is important? Clearly it is if other’s are using it. Stop that and step up… time to go bigger.
  4. Remember that my voice is unique, my spirit is genuine and my words are authentic to me. My tribe will see and know that, so keep doing me.
  5. I’m a trailblazer, and because of that I need protect my sh*t. Block anyone who tries to step in my lane, send cease and desist letters if it’s needed and take all legitimate copycats seriously. Business is business. And while I might be a little intense sometimes, it’s because I’m a CEO. I know how it feels to be a pioneer in an industry where lots of people have eyes on you (hello, The Fashion Truck!). People are watching and it’s part of my job to know that and keep some things close to my vest.

I want you to know that I get how it feels to be copied and I feel the sting too. I tend to think sometimes people forget that I’m a human and have feelings. If you were at my Rich Retailer Retreat, you know I talked about being a highly sensitive person. My intensity actually protects my sensitivity.


I feel better now moving through the emotions, getting my team into action investigating how to prevent this and telling you about it. I pray that this doesn’t ever happen to you. But if it does, you’ve got my best tips above to hopefully help you move through it.

In the spirit of GOING BIGGER... I'm excited to announce BYB NYC: BOOST YOUR BOUTIQUE WORKSHOP NEW YORK CITY! A 1 day intensive business workshop with me on June 8, 2019!

My intention with this workshop is to get deep into business strategy, marketing tips and review Facebook/Instagram advertising with you in a more intimate way. After experiencing tons of in person event time for myself, I realize the power of leaving your day-to-day life to spend laser-focused time working on your business.

I'm keeping this event very small, limited to 30 people, because I want you to come to the day with a clear intention and for me to provide you specific, actionable steps for that intention to implement for your boutique immediately.

Here's what you'll get when you sign up:

  • Pre-Workshop Questionnaires will be sent so that the time will be completely customized to the needs of the group.
  • A Marketing Analysis of your website or social media and see what can be tweaked or improved for better reach and traffic conversion.
  • A Live Facebook Ads Demo where you'll receive a workbook that walks you through the process. We'll also do it live with an attending business (your's could be chosen if it's a good candidate!)
  • A Long Q&A Time With Me because I want to make sure you leave feeling like you know what your exact next steps are in your boutique business.
  • Interactive Video Displays will be utilized so you can visually soak up the knowledge and training.
  • The Full Training Recording will be available to you following the workshop.

If you're planning to head to the FAME/Coterie Show in NYC in June, I've specifically planned this workshop for the day before it begins so you can get pumped up and head to the show the next day! (FAME/Accessories/Coterie/Moda is June 9-11, 2019 at the Javits Center!)

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I can't wait to meet you on June 8!


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WOAH OK, that was alot for a Monday! But it's a new week, a new month AND a new QUARTER! So let's do this!!!!

Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money,