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PART 1: Why Credit Cards Plus Low Margins Equal No Money

boutique debt credit cards low margins Jan 24, 2020

It's the beginning of the year and you are already freaking out about money. The big bucks you made in December aren't showing up for you in January and you feel the SLUMP coming in your bones.


It's not about your SALES.

It's not always about your PROFIT.

It's about the WHOLE PICTURE!!

As you make more money, you need to become more responsible with every single aspect. Spending, managing, saving, paying taxes. With more money comes more awareness of where it's going and what's happening with it.

BUT IT FEELS LIKE WHEN BOUTIQUE OWNERS START TO MAKE MORE MONEY, THEY STOP LOOKING DEEPLY AT IT. They take the foot off the pedal, they feel safer and get a little loose about the cash flow.

I refuse to let you not know where your money is going and why you have the amount you have. For the next 3 blog posts, I'm going to show you how you can DIVE DEEPER on your own. The graphics are meant to be informative and wake you up to what's happening in your boutique business. Why you have high sales, but your bank account is empty.

Today: Why Credit Cards Plus Low Margins Equal No Money...


I see lots of boutique owners start their boutique with a credit card. They are scared to charge more than 2.5 or 2.7 markup. But they sell almost out of their inventory! Yay!

Let's get excited!

Then they pay off the credit card.

But it's time to buy more inventory and BAM. There's no cash to pay for it. Wait, what?

Well, looks like they have to use the credit card again.

And that cycle happens over and over, increasing the amount on the credit card. Increasing the pressure to sell more, make more money.



You cannot have low margins and use the "pay it off" system on your credit card.

You will stay in this cycle until you freak out and stress to the point you are ready to quit.

It all doesn't make sense... but right now I'm telling your story and you think, "Woah, maybe I'm not alone. Maybe other boutique owners are struggling with this too?"


So stay tuned for when I show you HOW TO BREAK THE CREDIT CARD CYCLE!


Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money,