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Curves in Commerce: The Business of Plus Size Retail with Ashley Full, Founder of Amour 781

boost your boutique Mar 26, 2024
Curves in Commerce: The Business of Plus Size Retail with Ashley Full, Founder of Amour 781

In the realm of fashion, inclusivity isn't just a buzzword; it's a movement. The days of excluding plus-size individuals from the conversation are fading as trailblazers like Ashley Full are reshaping the landscape. This week on the podcast, I’m sitting down with Ashley, the founder of Amore 781, who shares her insights into the transformative power of embracing plus size in commerce.

Embracing Diversity in Fashion

Ashley's journey into plus-size fashion was born from personal experience. As she candidly shared, her own struggles with finding fashionable clothing as her size evolved sparked a realization – she wasn't alone. Countless plus-size individuals were yearning for trendy, well-fitting attire that celebrated their bodies, not concealed them.

Thus, Amore 781 emerged, a love letter to the plus-size demographic. Ashley's mission was clear: to bridge the gap between fashion and inclusivity. By collaborating with national brands and smaller designers, Amore 781 curates a collection that speaks to the diversity of plus-size fashion.

Navigating the Maze of Sizing

Sizing has long been a hurdle in the plus-size fashion industry. Ashley debunked common misconceptions, emphasizing that plus size isn't just a numerical extension of straight sizes. It's a unique grading that demands meticulous attention to fit and proportion.

At Amore 781, inclusivity isn't an afterthought; it's foundational. Starting from size 14 and extending to 4x or 5x, Ashley ensures every piece caters to the diverse spectrum of plus-size bodies. Through collaborations with international brands, she even ventures into the realm of "hidden plus," offering oversized styles that defy traditional sizing norms.

Breaking Down Price Barriers

A prevalent myth in fashion is that catering to plus size is cost-prohibitive. However, Ashley challenges this notion head-on. She advocates for pricing parity, rejecting the notion that more fabric warrants a higher price tag.

By amortizing costs across all sizes and fostering transparent pricing structures, Amore 781 empowers plus-size individuals to indulge in quality fashion without breaking the bank. This commitment to affordability and accessibility drives customer loyalty and trust.

Elevating the Retail Experience

Central to Ashley's vision is revolutionizing the retail experience for plus-size consumers. She emphasizes the importance of integration, urging retailers to ditch segregated plus-size sections and embrace inclusivity on the sales floor.

Moreover, personalized customer service lies at the heart of Amore 781's ethos. From virtual styling sessions to hassle-free returns, every interaction is tailored to empower and uplift the plus-size community.

Looking Ahead

As Ashley's journey illustrates, the future of fashion is undeniably inclusive. To retailers and vendors hesitant to embrace plus size, she issues a rallying cry: seize the opportunity. With over 60% of women seeking plus-size options, the potential for growth and impact is vast.

Ashley urges aspiring entrepreneurs to embark on their own journey of inclusivity. By prioritizing quality, fashion-forward designs, and unparalleled customer service, they can not only drive business success but also foster a culture of empowerment and acceptance within the fashion industry.

With leaders like Ashley Full leading the charge, the future looks brighter, bolder, and more inclusive than ever before.