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How do I drive traffic to my Online Boutique?

drive traffic to your online boutique growing your boutique six figure boutique blueprint Jan 11, 2020

You can tell when boutique owners don’t see the value in their social media.


I’ve looked at so many social media pages this weekend and I see the same things over and over…

1. Captions that are boring! People LOVE to read fun or interesting captions on your photos. Try to at least try to make them fun and more than a couple of words with a ‘click to buy’!

2. Big accounts with no engagement. How does that happen? If you have 5-10-20k followers, you should have comments, likes, people chatting back with you all over the place. That’s a massive disconnection in your social media and website traffic strategy.

3. Hashtags that don’t make sense or are huge. You want to look for hashtags that have 10-100k posts. That’s where you will grow. (Oh… and put them nicely in the first comment after you post on IG… they are making your caption look crazy!)

4. Just too much going on. Customers are literally using calories to figure out what your message or theme is… and how to buy! Clarify your message, make it 3 clicks or less to purchase. The more steps to purchase, the less purchases.

If you are struggling with organic and paid social media, you need to be in Six Figure Boutique Blueprint. I devote 2 weeks with pages and hours of video content to help you dive in and get a handle on how to increase how many customers you are attracting through social media.

It’s not that hard, you need a strategy and you need to implement it consistently. That’s when you’ll see results (meaning sales).

With the Six Figure Boutique Blueprint group coaching program, I’m going to teach you everything I know in terms of growing a boutique and creating the life you know you’re meant for.

Throughout this 3-month program, you’re going to get the exact steps I took to create my dream boutique business.

(I love when things are all laid out in a step by step process, don't you?!)

You’ll get…

  • 12 retail specific training modules (one per week)
  • 9 Group Coaching Calls where you will get your personal questions answered
  • A Private Facebook Group with incredible boutique owners just like you
  • Weekly Office Hours where you can ask me anything
  • Instant Access to my exclusive entrepreneurial guides

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