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Investing in Help with Your Boutique

growing your boutique investing in your boutique taking a course Jan 16, 2020
You own your business. But you're in a solid partnership and you run everything by your husband. How do you help them understand what it's going to mean to you to take a course or invest in a coach?
My husband and I often relate what I do as a coach/consultant to football because it's so similar.
You start playing football because you like it, have a talent for it... so you start playing for a team with a coach who teaches you football fundamentals. As you grow and succeed, you have to learn new concepts and polish the fundamentals you've already learned. You start understanding more complex situations and learn how to process them as they become increasingly more challenging. If you have good coaching, they can help you see and understand things that might go over your head. And that's how you grow long term.
We've watched NFL quarterbacks like Colin Kapernick and Baker Mayfield get recruited with high hopes. They come into the league with solid college level fundamentals, but critics would argue that they have flamed out because they didn't get good coaching or didn't push themselves to learn higher level skills and more complex strategies.
In contrast, (whether you like him or not) Tom Brady has done the opposite. He's worked with Bill Belichick for almost 20 years. He's hired outside coaches and experts to do things like improve his footwork and increase his mobility. He has a nutritionist to help his body function better as he gets older. He's gone above and beyond what Josh McDaniels and Belichick give to him on the field. And that's a huge reason he's got 6 Super Bowl rings and is motivated to keep playing well into his 40s.
With every level the coaching gets better. Great coaches teach you how to do things you couldn't do in the past. I want to help you improve your fundamentals and build in new concepts to refine the systems of the business.
In Six Figure Boutique Blueprint, I’m going to build on what you already know. I’ll show you new ways to look at your mindset practice, teach you exactly how to analyze your sales and keep your inventory levels where they need to be to maximize sales. Your social media plan will be solid and you'll understand paid advertising (finally!) In 12 weeks, I’ll give you what you need to grow your boutique to the next level.
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