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The Thing that Almost Killed my Business

Sep 26, 2023
Today I want to talk about something that almost killed my business years ago. 
The most basic thing I was doing that was killing my business and kind of killing my life was my negative mindset! I was speaking negatively about time and money. Did you know that your words have power? We need to start manifesting great things over our businesses! Let go of the negativity and start speaking positively. Is it easy? NO. This is a practice that takes time and a lot of self awareness. Read on so we can start changing your “money story” today.
There are two things that we need to confront in order to change this mindset.
#1 Stop Saying You're so Busy!  
I was convinced that I never had enough time.
I get it. You're busy! While this may ring true for you each day, we don't need to keep speaking it into existence. “I have more than enough time” and “I have all the time in the world” have become my go to phrases whenever I start to feel so busy.  “I have as much time as I need” has been my new mindset for years now. This mindset shift can apply to anyone - not just boutique owners. Our thinking affects how we feel and that is what we create for our lives. 
#2 I never have enough money
Can you relate? “I can't afford that” and “I have to wait until I have enough money” are phrases that were killing my business. There are more than enough buyers and customers for you! 
In the moments — or close to it — when negative words popped into my mind, I wrote it all down. I used Emotional Freedom Technique to release the energy from my body and put Post-its up everywhere to remind me of what I wanted to believe instead. Friend, I even added mantras to my phone to break up my day and take my focus away from a screen every once in a while. 
After about a year, it started to really pay off. I did daily work for over two years, but now I just pay attention. I observe what I’m thinking, feeling, and doing and if anything starts to become negative or revert to the old ways of being, I work my beliefs.
That being said, it take TIME to revert your mindset to one of abundance so don't rush it! And definitely don't get down on yourself if you feel like you're not progressing fast enough. 
Take these tips and run with them. I promise that they will serve you well in the weeks, months, and years to come.
Here's to making lots of friends and making lots of money,