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Resisting Resistance

Jun 02, 2023
I want to talk about resisting resistance within ourselves. 
One of the pillars of the scarcity mindset is worry
When we worry, we’re actually resisting change — both negative and positive.
Resistance — which includes worry — feels tense and edgy, like you’re waiting for something bad to happen. It’s literally a constriction of energy in your body, which is why we clench our jaws, furrow our brows, and hold our breath. Negativity around, and just outright avoiding money, blocks any flow between you and the energy of money.
In contrast, abundance is spacious. It’s like savasana at the end of a yoga class — totally relaxed, full and deep breaths, mellow and spacious. When I allow myself to really hear my husband, Greg, saying, “Things change all the time,” my mood shifts because my energy shifts. I can be in a place of receiving change rather than fighting it. I can open myself up to the flow of energy, both in and out. 
As a retail entrepreneur, you know better than anyone else that in order to receive anything, you’ve got to have space. The same goes for energy. When our bodies and breath are tight, there’s no room to allow energy in — good or bad. And since money is energy, we can see how worrying over our money all the time constricts us from changing our money situation.
Money is energy and by feeling stressed about what we have — or what we don’t — we are restricting and blocking more money from coming our way. 
How do we work on that?
Here’s a quick exercise, inspired by Grant Cardone author of The 10X Rule
Write out how much money you want to make in a short period of time. Think a day, a week, or a month.
~ Then write out where that money will go — toward bills or goals.
Visualize all of that happening. Paying bills, being excited about how much money you made, having to apologize for needing to make a special order, whatever. Visualize everything you want that money to do for you and with you.
Repeat, repeat, repeat. 
Remember that whatever we tell our brains, we believe. So when we get stuck, we are continually telling ourselves that we are stuck. So…BREAK THE CYCLE and start telling yourself a different story!
Here's to making lots of friends and makings lots of money,