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START SERIES - A Five-Part Podcast Series

boost your boutique boutique business boutique training academy emily benson how to choose what type of boutique to open how to start a boutique podcast Jun 01, 2020

Hey you! Emily here with something super exciting!

I've decided to release a podcast series for all of my new-ish boutique owners. If you are new to boutiqueland or maybe you haven't opened your boutique yet and its just a dream or a sketch in a notebook - this series is for YOU!

I'm calling it the START series because as you may or may not know, my mission is to help boutique owners START, GROW and SCALEtheir boutique business.

This will be a series of 5 podcast episodes and the best part is you don't have to wait a whole week for another episode! I'm going to be releasing an episode every day (yes, you read that right!).

The first epsiode is already up and ready for you to listen!

Make sure that you subscribe to the Boost Your Boutique podcast so you'll know when I release new episode 

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