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Time Management for Boutiques {Tip #2}

boutique boutique business facebook ads small business time management time management for small businesses May 11, 2020

Tip #2 


I know - this one is going to be tough! 


Here is what I want you to ask yourself when you go to open your social media apps: 


“Am I creating or I am I consuming?”


It is perfectly okay to consume some social media but it is so easy to start to go down that rabbit hole and you look up an a whole hour has passed watching TikToks. 


I challenge you to limit your time spent on social media aimlessly scrolling. Keep your time spent looking for inspiration or checking in on friends. Hide your apps in a folder on your phone so that you have to take that extra step to access them. Kinzie Madsen, who was a guest on my podcast at the end of last month, gave the tip that she unfollowed all accounts expect for cute animals! You may not be able to go that extreme, but take a look at who you are following and delete the accounts that don’t make you feel good. 


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