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Time Management for Boutiques {Tip #3}

boutique boutique business small business time management time management for boutiques tips for boutiques May 18, 2020

Time Management Tip #3

Write down your task list

This seems like a no-brainer but I cannot tell you how many to do’s I have missed because I haven’t written them down somewhere! Like the planner tip, this is personal preference whether it be in a physical calendar or notebook or in your notes on your phone. Either way, write down everything that you need to do! 


Once you have your list written down, highlight, underline or star the tasks that are RIGHT NOW tasks. I define a right now task as something with a deadline that can’t be pushed off until tomorrow. 


If you have people working for you that you can delegate some of those tasks to, do it! This frees you up to work on those right now tasks without being distracted by the other tasks on your list.