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Jun 12, 2020

If you go the brick and mortar route, please do not skip this step!

You’ve found what you think is the perfect spot to open your new boutique. Rent is within your budget (we will talk budge later!), size is great, you’re ready to sign the lease!

Before you put that pen to paper, go sit outside that location. Walk around and watch for as long as you can. Are you seeing who you are looking to sell to in the foot traffic? Is there foot traffic or vehicle traffic? What’s the parking like? Are people carrying shopping bags? 

The reason you need to ask these questions is because location matters! If you choose a spot where there is very little foot traffic, bad parking or even little vehicle traffic you are going to have a hard time becoming profitable. 

Leave in the comments below if you have done this before opening your boutique or if you are going to add it to your to do list!