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boutique business brick and mortar boutique how to name your boutique how to open a boutique mobile boutique new boutique online boutique Jun 11, 2020


Okay, so you’ve decided to open a boutique! YAY!

But what to name it?

This is a time to be both creative but also practical. I see a lot of boutiques throw words into their name that if you just saw the name you would have no idea what type of store it is!

Here are some of my tips when you’re deciding on a name:

  1. Make sure that the name isn’t already taken on social media platforms. You want to avoid brand confusion!
  2. Give your boutique a name that means something to your customers and you! Make sure that you love the name and that its a name you are proud to say multiple times a day
  3. Develop a tag line to further define your brand. 

Share your boutique or soon to be open boutique name in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!