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You Need to Show Up {New Boutique Owners MUST READ}

boutique boutique basics boutique boss boutique ceo mobile boutique online boutique retailer rich retailer Mar 13, 2020

This is the answer to the question, “Why can’t I grow my audience?”

I find myself singing this to the tune of T.Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down”… but in all honesty, you do need to show up as you start your boutique business. There’s the “know-like-trust” factor that you’re building with your marketing. Frankly, that’s all marketing really is, warming potential customers up so they trust you enough to BUY!

First, your people have to know about you, and get to know you. It’s been proven over and over that most consumers don't buy from people they don’t know and like. You can’t get people to like you, if they don’t know about you. How do you get them to know you? Share photos of yourself, tell some stories about why you started your boutique, post pics of behind the scenes as you unpack boxes or do flatlays! People want to KNOW you, so let them in.

Once they start to KNOW you, they’ll either LIKE you or not. We hope that they like you (just like I hope you like me!) The truth is that everyone won’t like you. By being yourself, showing up consistently and sharing, your followers get to make that decision for themselves. I have people who listen to some of my podcast episodes and decide they don’t like me. That’s FINE. Not everyone is going to be for me. But by always speaking my truth, they get to decide.

The final step of the process is TRUST. No one buys from someone they don’t trust, period. As potential customers warm up to you, see others purchase and have good experiences, and know that you answer their questions and concerns… they will trust you enough to hand over their money.

New boutique owners seem to think they can jump on Facebook and start hustling merchandise. It just doesn’t work that way anymore. You’ve got to build an audience with clear and consistent marketing so you attract the audience and customers you want!

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